Technology Skills


Give us something to hack, be it hardware or software, and we are going to find the flaws and show you how to fix them. Threat analysis and risk assessment are our daily bread. Read more


We design our software with distributed, high performance, low-latency architectures, leveraging the current trend toward more and more capable low cost multiprocessor hardware. Reliability and high-availability come as by-products. Read more


Easy and fast integration of data and functionality from the Internet enables the creation new services for optimized processes. With our reverse engineering skills we approach the hardest challenge like a joyful game. Read more


Leveraging our multidisciplinary knowledge we develop applications for in-vehicle and fleet computing, where driver safety, device security, and ergonomics are top concerns. Read more

Market Sectors


We develop exceptional applications for managing operations and maintenance of renewable energy power plants. Our software maximizes revenue combining operational data with meteorological, financial, and market data. Read more


The next generation of electric vehicles blends computer and automotive architectures. We bring experience in making vehicle-to-grid technology safe and secure. Read more

& Finance

Computer fraud happens where the money is. We have been working for many years with several major European banks, performing security assessments on you-name-it-we-got-it. Out of this experience we developed very successful event monitoring and fraud detection systems. Read more


With broad and profound knowledge of OSS and BSS systems, ekogenio helps telecommunication clients to enhance existing services and create new ones making IT faster and safer. Read more