The convergence of environmental concerns, utility regulations, operational efficiency, reliability concerns and technology is transforming the energy landscape and driving transformation of the electricity grid to a Smart Grid.

A Smart Grid is a more integrated, information-based, highly adaptive system that will provide greater reliability, operational efficiency, power quality, demand reduction, energy efficiency, renewable generation, security and increased consumer involvement. However, its scale and complexity will require collaboration from utilities, technology suppliers, investors and end users alike.

 We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles

Thomas Edison (1879)

ekogenio helps clients create value from the Smart Grid by:

  • Creating strategies for developing, positioning and deploying Smart Grid technologies
  • Developing functional requirements and business processes to align the Smart Grid with strategic objectives
  • Creating actual software and complete IT infrastructures to be provided as a supported work product or an outsourced service


ekogrid, our flagship product, is a a cloud-based service platform connected to a sensor network that is managing operations and maintenance of independent power producers and the integration of other actors in the green economy. It interacts directly (through its own dataloggers and actuators) or indirectly (through third party monitoring systems) with all field devices and sensors, performs complex event processing on real-time and archived data to spot and track situations requiring present or future operator attention, like anomalies, malfunctions,  or efficiency improvement opportunities. ekogrid Customers can access ekogrid here.